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5 Sedative Abuse Warning Signs

Approximately 30 million people take sleep medications and almost half of them take Ambien, according to reports from NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Ambien is a long lasting sleep inducing agent that helps to maintain sleep throughout the night. Unfortunately, Ambien has the same potential for becoming habit forming, especially with long term use, as any other drug. If you think that your Ambien use is becoming an addiction, here are 5 Ambien abuse warning signs to be aware of. where can I buy ambien

1- Family and Friends are worried About your Ambien Abuse
If your family and friends have noticed a change in you, but you are quick to deny that anything is different; it is possible that your Ambien use has turned into abuse or addiction. Ambien can create hallucinations, delusions and extroversion. If your loved ones have recognized a change, you should pay attention to their concerns.

2- Cannot Function at Work or School because of Ambien Abuse
Ambien abuse or addiction can create problems at work or school and make it difficult to concentrate or focus as well as complete tasks or assignment. Ambien may cause you to feel hung-over and slow moving in the morning which can result in missing school or calling in sick to work. It is likely that you have Ambien abuse or addiction and should seek assistance.

3- Financial Problems from Ambien Addiction
Using Ambien over long periods will result in a tolerance developing which will require more of the drug to achieve the same results as with previous use. Ambien is an expensive drug, which is especially true if your insurance is not paying for it and you have steadily increased the amount you are taking. If you are maintaining your Ambien addiction with the money to pay to mortgage and other bills or if you have depleted your savings and retirement because of your Ambien addiction; you should get help now.

4- Health Problems from Ambien Addiction
Ambien abuse or addiction that occurs over long periods will lead to other health problems including psychological, physical and emotional. Lack of energy, depression, respiratory problems and liver problems are all associated with Ambien abuse. There is always a concern for overdose when Ambien is used for long periods of time.

5- Cannot Stop Taking Ambien
If your family and friends have tried to talk to you about their concern and if you have noticed any of the other signs and if you have tried to stop taking Ambien but have failed; it is very likely that you have an Ambien addiction and you should consider getting help.

Depending on the amount of the drug you have been taking and how long, you may need medical detox for your Ambien abuse or addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be frightening, painful and even dangerous, so trying to go it alone should be avoid and you should seek professional assistance.

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