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A Review Guide For Club Bangers

This is my guide on reviewing Club Banger Songs

Have you ever been to a clubVclubshop or a party and people are just standing around? Trying to get drunk as fast as possible so they can forget the night? No one is dancing and there are barely any ladies. I have been to a lot of those during my college days and it just plain sucks? I am going to be helping everyone out by posting and suggesting the latest Club Bangers. Why you ask? Because music is the best thing to get people involved. And Club Bangers is one of the best genres in music to get the party started. Club Bangers is an offshoot of Hip-Hop. These songs are played at the clubs. There will be reviews of Club Bangers on a daily basis and give out helpful tips Vclubshop on creating a good party atmosphere. I have certain criteria on rating each Club Banger song. Each criteria will be rated from 1-5 and an explanation will be given on why it is rated the way it is.

Radio Play

Is the Club Banger being played on the radio or has it ever been? Once the Club Banger song gets played on the radio it will get instant recognition. More and more people will eventually listen to it. It will help you select your music. Everyone loves songs Vclubshop played on the radio once in awhile. Putting just Club Bangers from just the radio is not a good idea. They get outplayed so many times. Listening to the same songs over and over again sucks. No matter how good it is.


It is obvious isn’t it. How well does this Club Banger fit in the club/party environment. Are you like oh shoot that’s my song! And get up and dance no matter how foolish you look. The most important aspect of the Club Banger is does it invoke some type of hypnotic waves to get the ladies up and dancin’.


I figured this one out on my actually. It was very simple. How I made it so complicated in the beginning. I was making my Club Banger playlist I put in a lot of songs I thought everyone would groove to. But I forgot who I was catering music to what I like. Songs that get the ladies to shake their booty or some bump and grind are all good Club Bangers, but the ladies also like songs that don’t involve those type of songs. For example: Danity Kane – Damaged. The ladies go wild for this song and drink more. Hmmm, good thing I don’t do that or I would probably get kicked out of my own party? So Club Bangers that are for the ladies is good too.

Lastability (That is a word that Microsoft Word did not recognize)

Does the Club Banger sound good when you play this song 5-10 years from now? Some songs you can bump to forever and some songs are one generation wonders. So 10 years from now will people be like “oh I haven’t have this song in a minute or will they be like this song sucks, how was it ever popular?”. So be careful which Club Banger you thought was cool when you were like 13 years old.

Keep updating your Club Banger list on regular basis. Be on top of things when the latest song hits. You want to be the one that throws the great parties with great music. This is a good start to achieve that. Mix old and new Club Bangers together. People don’t like hearing the same things, yet want some familiarity.

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