Candy Scoops – The 10 Best Candies to Use Them For

Whether you operate a candy store, grocery store, convenience store or any place that welcomes kids and their parents, Best Delta 9 gummies nothing is more enjoyable than a row of bins full of candy. You can set out acrylic or plastic bins with candy scoops so that your customers can scoop their favorites into decorative bags that are perfect for taking candy home.

There are so many choices for delicious candies for you to serve with candy scoops. Here are a few ideas for putting those handy candy scoops to good use.


  1. Jelly Bellies. This one kind of candy could fill up all 10 items on this list, because there are dozens of flavors of this classic jelly bean. You can display Jellie Bellies by flavor, by seasonal flavor, or have them all mixed up. Your customers will put those scoops to good use.
  2. Plain M&Ms. Everyone loves these, so have plenty of refills on hand. You can special order seasonal or team colors to appeal to your customers’ loyalties or sense of fun.
  3. Peanut M&Ms. Everyone likes the plain ones, but if you’re a peanut M&M person, nothing else will do. Get out those candy scoops and a big take-home bag so your customers have plenty to snack on.
  4. Gummi candy. You can scoop out a whole drama with gummi candy-there are gummi army guys, jet fighters, sharks, butterflies, fruits, worms, bears, fish, rings and rattlesnakes. Kids will have a great time scooping out their candy and playing with it before they eat it up. Best Delta 9 gummies
  5. Sour gummi candy. Like peanut M&M’s, some people just love the alternative. Sour candy lovers can’t scoop out enough of these tart-flavored, fun-shaped candies.
  6. Chocolate covered almonds. These are for the discerning palate, but you’ll find that people with discerning palates always want as much of them as they can get. You might want to bring out the extra-large candy scoops.
  7. Candy corn. This old-fashioned candy can be bagged for Halloween treats, or just as a special memory. Pick up that candy scoop and pour one scoopful into each bag for giving out to friends and trick-or-treaters.
  8. Hot Tamales. This spicy-sweet candy could be scooped directly into the mouths of cinnamon lovers-but we suggest you use the candy scoop to fill the bag instead!
  9. Malted milk balls. These are another favorite for chocolate lovers. They love the soft chocolatey outside and the crispy, malty inside. They’ll definitely want to use those candy scoops to serve themselves up a bag or two.
  10. Chocolate covered peanuts. Peanuts are actually healthy for you, so don’t hesitate to till your candy bag to the top with this delicious chocolate treat. Best Delta 9 gummies


These 10 are just a few of the delicious candies you can use with your candy scoops, but if you stock up on any of these, your customers will go home with a bag of candy in their hands and smiles on their faces.

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