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Ceramic Watches Facts – Choosing a Ceramic Watch

Since their introduction to the market ceramic watches have been known for their elegance and style. They are considered by many to be a luxury product, and as such they have been known to be paired with diamonds, gold, and other precious stones.

Ceramic watches are designed to be fashionable pieces, and as such they usually do not contain features like chronometers and chronographs. White ceramic watches are most popular among women, while black ones seem to be most popular among men.

There have been scientific developments in the past two decades that have allowed for ceramic watches to evolve from delicate and easily destroyed into durable and even scratch resisting time pieces. The technology used to create this new ceramic has proven to be so strong that it has even been used in bulletproof armors.

What is perhaps most notable about this new ceramic, is that although it has incredible strength, it continues to be lightweight and thus perfect for watches. The first watch produced with this innovative technology is known to have been produced by Chanel back in 2000. Since then few brands have managed to create ceramic watches with the same outstanding durability. Among the brands that have mastered the creation of this new ceramic is the Michael Kors brand and Fossil. Michael Kors offers an incredible collection watches for women.

Styles such as the Michael Kors White Chronograph Watch are among the most popular models offered by the brand. This stunning time piece has a white ceramic bracelet strap with a white dial and silver accents. This white watch also has a chronograph, a rare feature ceramic manufacturer for these type of watches. Michael Kors offers a great variety of white ceramic wrist watches for women, some of the most popular models include the Michael Kors Glitz watch and the Michael Kors Mid-size Watch.

These styles embody the brand’s elegant flare with their white ceramic bracelets and jewel accented bodies. The Fossil brand also offers white ceramic watches constructed with the same durable technology Chanel introduced in 2000. Fossil offers both squared and circular watches. The brand offers these types of watches for both men and women. Fossil’s ceramic models come at an affordable price. They range from 160 to 225 dollars and come with an 11 year warranty.

Models such as the Riley Ceramic from the new Fossil Watch Collection offer a more sophisticated look with its ceramic bracelet and sparkling body, while models such as the rectangular Fossil watch offer a more practical look. Fossil offers diverse Watch Collections to fit your personal style. If you are looking for a watch which will conform to the latest trends in fashion and give you an elegant look, then a ceramic watch is for you.

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