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Get the Healthiest BANG for your BUCK

If you only had $100 to your name, would you spend it on something you didn’t need or want? I know I wouldn’t. When money is limited bolly4u.trend, I prefer to spend extra time making sure that I get the “most bang for my buck.” I bet you do too!

How about your time? Do you get the most bang for your buck with your 24 hours a day? Do you make efforts to choose your time wisely; by setting goals how late is the closest grocery store open , planning strategies, and walking out those strategies? Successful people do! I believe successful people read articles like this, so I’m confident that you are a successful person and that you are inspired to learn and grow.

Now let’s talk about our daily calories? Each of us is allotted a certain amount of calories each day to maintain a healthful body frankfurt clark 69m series. The amount of calories is based on many factors; some that we can change and some that we cannot change. Do you spend your calories wisely? Most of us either don’t, or at one time in our life didn’t – but are now doing a better job at it.

Why do we want to spend our calories wisely? We can choose to consume calories that are filled with vitamins, minerals, healthy protein, carbohydrates, and fats basketball games lupy, as well as phytochemicals that act as medicine in our body. Or, every calorie we eat can be filled with pharmaceuticals, hormones, preservatives, damaging fats, zero nutrients, or simply nothing but fiber-less carbohydrates that cause blood sugar issues. Most of us don’t go one direction 100%. We tend to fluctuate with a combination of good and bad calorie choices.

I am not suggesting that we pursue perfection in this area. I believe it is unhealthy to go either direction in an attitude of perfection and/or defiance. Moderation is the key! But how do you wrap your mind and behavior around the appropriate level of moderation?

Moderation is typically thought of as 50/50; just as much of one thing as the other. However in this case, I do not agree. The statement “We are what we eat” is true, however I would say it this way, “We are what we eat the most.”

So here is your take-home! Since finding the right balance of calorie choices is vital to your future health, and the health of your family, it is important that you begin to master yourself in this area right away. Remember this – if you eat more good than bad, then the good will conquer the bad. YEAH! However, if you eat more bad than good, the bad will conquer the good. BOO! Please forgive my military analogy; I’m an ex military mom! This strategy always makes sense to me.

Now where the rubber meets the road! When it comes to spending our calories, we typically consider these thoughts in order to make our decision:- Most of us put this as our #1 criterion. It tends to weigh the most in our decisions. This is where we make most of our mistakes. Giving yourself everything you want is physically and emotionally unhealthy. We wouldn’t allow our children to have everything they want, and we should not allow ourselves to either. But we find it easier saying “no” to our children than saying it to ourself.

However, I think there are times in life that choosing what you WANT to eat or drink over what you NEED is OK when we are doing it around a celebration, or with a loved one, or kicking back with friends. The key is to choose, in advance, the types of events you allow yourself to put your wants before your needs. Then stick to your own rules!

We need nutrition. This world is full of dangerous viruses, bacteria’s, chemicals, preservatives, and pharmaceuticals – in our water, our air, and our food. If we are going to fight the good fight of health, we must consume the healthy tools that are already present in natural and living food.

Convenience and cost play a part of our decision-making, but they are secondary. If we pre-plan our food, then convenience and the need for food quickly is not an issue. If we purchase our foods from a grocery store, prepare it ourselves, and limit our serving sizes, then the cost is no longer an issue either.

I know, I know, what about those of us that have shoved too many tasks into our 24 hours and that shopping and preparing is out of the question? My first and most logical suggestion would be to reorganize how you spend your allotted 24 hours a day, and then get back on track before you end up spending all your time and money on doctors and pharmaceuticals. Respectfully speaking, of course!

However, if that is still out of the question, then my second best suggestion would be to stop buying food at fast-food restaurants, stop buying prepared food from restaurants, and spend the time you have allowed to eat buying your food prepared at the closest grocery store. I still encourage suggestion number one though!

Harvesting Healthy with Christi Taylor, [] Plant Healthy Seeds Today; Harvest a Healthier Tomorrow. Christi Taylor – Nutrition & Fitness Consultant, Life Coach, and Home-Fitness Video Star. Christi has produced and filmed home-fitness videos for 20 years and guided several hundred serious health conscious go-getters to reach their wellness goals

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