How to Find the Best Golf Property in Turkey

Each year many golf lovers move to Turkey to purchase a property and live out their days living the dream life in a Turkey golf property. The idea of a dream life in Turkey playing each day away in the sun on a fabulous golf course certainly does sound attractive on paper.

However, Turkey is a huge country with many regions and locations, although there is many golf courses in Turkey, there is also many things that you need to think about before making a purchase of property in Turkey. Before you consider buying a golf property in Turkey you need to consider various important things:

1) Is the property REALLY a golf property? What do we mean by this? Many agents in Turkey will try to sell you a property classed as a golf property that will in fact leave you miles away from any golf course in Turkey. Be careful and research the amount of golf courses around your property and the distance to each golf course.

2) Is the location of the property ideal for golf lovers? Golf in Turkey is spectacular, get the decision right and you will forever enjoy golf, get the decision wrong and you can be left with a nightmare on your hands. Make sure you check out the year round weather of your chosen location, go for a holiday maybe, meet the locals and ask questions. Talk to other foreign nationals who have bought property, most will be more than willing to offer some helpful information.

3) Are you overpaying for your property? You have heard the stories of rogue trading in Turkey when it comes to property – everyone seems to think they are an agent, don’t be smart and try to cut out the middle man, this is where most people find themselves scammed in Turkey. Be wise and research before you buy! If a property seems too pricy – in most cases it probably is. But also remember to look at it from the other side too, if a property seems too cheap and a ‘dream buy’ – In most cases it probably is too good to be true – be thorough with your research.

If you follow these three golden rules, then you can look forward to long term happiness in your property in Turkey. You have to remember, in most cases – you get what you paid for.

It is without doubt that recent years have seen a huge development of golf in Turkey, several regions along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts have a few golf courses that people enjoy year round.   property turkey

Belek, Antalya is home to 17 golf courses and counting in total. These golf courses are all of championship quality and most are sponsored by a famous golfer of some sort. In terms of golf in Turkey – Belek has it all. You will never find yourself a far distance away from golf when you are in Belek.

Property in Belek can be sought for anything from £70,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment close to the golf courses, right up to £250,000 for a 3 bedroom villa. You can find properties in Belek that are literally a stone’s throw away from championship golf courses. Golf lovers can enjoy golf in Belek year round and there is a big expat community in Belek full of other golf lovers.



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