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How To Fix Cracks In Your Asphalt Driveway Using Blacktop Filler

Experiencing the worries of a cracked, depressed asphalt driveway? With no proper installation or maintenance, your driveway can be prone to cracks and depressions. To maintain asphalt driveways in excellent condition blacktop filler is often used in filling up cracked surfaces. For those who like to D-I-Y, a high-quality, fast-drying filler completes the job in almost no time at all.

The importance of proper maintenance

A well-built driveway will need very little maintenance over its lifetime, but care should be given to make sure that any signs of wear are addressed as immediately as possible. Cleaning the concrete or asphalt driveway should be done on a regular basis. Keeping the driveway surface sealed is also another necessary step. When not filled immediately and properly, cracks and depressions can worsen, making your driveway appear worse than it already is. To seal cracks and restore the clean look of your driveway, you need to choose fast-drying, superior performance blacktop filler.

The kind of maintenance your asphalt driveway needs will depend on several factors. This will rely on the construction of your driveway, the type of finish applied, the asphalt driveway weather conditions, and the level of vehicle traffic which the driveway is exposed to. Resealing or renewing the driveway should be done as needed, but ideally this resealing process should be repeated every couple of years or so. To ensure excellent adhesion, the filler should be applied on a well-cleaned driveway. It is also important keep the driveway dry for at least 24 hours after filling, to effect proper curing.

What to look for in rooftop fillers

It’s important that you use a blacktop filler designed for asphalt applications if you have an asphalt driveway. Some filler types, like concrete fillers, are manufactured specifically for concrete driveways and concrete filling applications.

When shopping for blacktop fillers, an easy-to-use formula is always an advantageous choice. This is especially helpful if you will be doing the application by yourself. A fast drying formula will cure in less time, so you can go back to using your asphalt driveway as needed. Many fast drying formulas aim to repair cracks and fissures in as little as a few hours. To preserve the quality of fillers and keep moisture damage at bay, a sealer is normally applied on top of the blacktop application. A more practical choice is to use a formula that combines filler and a sealer in one.

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