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Hunter RHS Floral Wellies: Great Gardeners Wellingtons

The famous Hunter Brand has teamed up with the RHS or Royal Horticultural Society to produce a great set of Wellingtons specially designed with the gardener in mind. They are ideal for gardening, walking or perhaps just looking great. The signature of the RHS Hunter Welleis is the really exquisite floral pattern that come is a wide range of colours and styles.

These boots have all the great characteristics that have made Hunter such a great brand and cause it to receive two Royal Warrants. They are sturdy, reliable and comfortable with a padded soul and great shape designed for a women’s foot. They are both waterproof and warm with and will keep your feet happy for many years to come.

Today Hunters are something of a fashion icon with a very broad appeal. They have become a brand associated with the high British fashion and have an enduring appeal overseas, particularly in the US. There is a definite association with Hunters and the shooting set but you could see a teenage girl at a muddy festival wearing a pair teamed up with hot pants. It is just as likely that you will find a ruddy and rustic farmer in a battered old pair. Perhaps this is goes some distance to explain the appeal of the brand.

Hunter RSH Wellies are not just seen in the countryside, on the wet streets of London or equally New York celebs have been photographed in a pair. They are perhaps at home in the garden and this is what they were really designed for. The thick heel and instep are ideal for digging and they look rather chic left outside any garden door.

These floral RHS Wellingtons come in a range of heights. The original tall welly is really for intensive garden use and will keep your feet and calves dry even in tall wet grass. The shorter boots offer a bit more movement but are not as great on wet days

The American founder of Hunter came to the UK in 1856 and his company, originally called North British Rubber Company was then founded in Scotland. He served his country through both world wars supplying the British Army with boots necessary for the campaign during this time. After the war they started to become popular amongst fashionable rural people. This grew with a Royal Warrant from the Duke of Edinburgh in 1977 and one from the Queen 9 years later. Quite some journey I think you’ll agree!

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