Internet Network Marketing – The Nuts & Bolts For Upline’s on How to Train in Attraction Marketing

Network Marketing is constantly changing, but one thing that holds true today is that people are searching for new ways to market their products, business opportunity and themselves. The old school methods don’t always match watch the new generation is looking for so up-lines need to pay more attention to what their group wants and how to direct them in the right path. If your Network Marketing Up-Line is no where to be found and you are searching for ways to expand your Home Based Business then the solution may be Attraction Marketing.

Is it your up-lines responsibility to train you the right way, or is it all up to you to learn on your own?

Lack of training or the right type of training is the biggest frustration with Network Marketers today. If your up-line is one of those Top-Performers then you have to fight even more to get their time and if you get their time, it is usually short and sweet. That’s not the case with me, I have been lucky to find great Network Marketing up-line support but more importantly I have been extremely lucky to find the right type Network Marketing training that brings results.

What holds people back from really succeeding in Network Marketing today?

Typically it has nothing to do with products, companies or even compensation plans, but more to do with how you market these items. If you are marketing your Home Based Business through the old methods, you might not be setting yourself up for success. People today need clear; concise and effective methods to sell their products market their company and excite others to be bolts  Unfortunately the old methods of bugging friends and family, cold calling, making lists, dragging people to hotel meetings or buying expensive dead-end leads don’t teach effective duplication for long term growth.

If your up-line is supposed to teach you how to market your business, why don’t they?

Simple answer, they were not taught how to teach others themselves. When you first become involved with a Network Marketing company, the #1 priority is to get people signed up. The more you sign up the more money you make. Or do you? I remember my first Network Marketing company and experience. I wasn’t taught more information about the product. I wasn’t taught how the compensation plan worked. I wasn’t even given much information about the company and its history. I had to learn this stuff for myself. What I was taught though was to go out and get as many people signed up as I could and have those folks do the same. Does that sound like a plan for long term success?

I don’t mean to bash up-lines, because they are not all that way, but if your organization is floundering, not growing, not moving in one direction then your results will never equal your dreams. Stop and think about what an organization would look like if all team members were trained the same way? If all team members could feel confident on how to train others? If all team members were shown the right path to begin with? Can you imagine your Network Marketing organization looking like this? Can you imagine how successful that organization would be?

I am a firm believer that it is your up-lines responsibility to get you off on the right foot. To spend the time, give you the tools and follow up until you are comfortable with the direction you are going. This is the most powerful piece of advice I can give you, because “You” will be that up-line someday, you will be that “Top Network Marketing Performer” that people will fight to get time with. Will you just send them off to sign up more people, or will you spend the time to direct and guide them in how to market their Home Based Business?

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