Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Better than Modern Western Medicine?

Since young, I’ve only visited doctors competed in modern western medicine. Usually the pills and essential fluids prescribed to me worked, or so I would think as i recover days later. However as i grew up and trained the field of biology, we were taught one important fact — because we have our immune system therefore we are still alive now. Hence even without any drug interventions, we might have retrieved from our illness simply by ourselves, as long as our immune system was in good working conditions. 椎間盤突出 However as humans, we’re always impatient and want to feel well again as soon as possible or periodically our immune systems just aren’t at their peak conditions and our bodies cannot cure itself. This is where medicine comes in.

Modern Western medicine considers illness as being triggered by something that causes a series of wrong chemical relays resulting in physical does not work properly, and sets out to correct this by destroying that something or intercepting somewhere in this signal inform so because of this stop the spread of the illness or even get rid of it. On the other hand, Traditional Chinese Medicine discusses this problem of falling ill by strengthening the immune system, while at the same time expunging the illness causative agent if necessary. Precisely because of the way they work, Modern Western medicine usually exhibit a faster recovery rate, whereas Traditional Chinese medicine makes an individual more able to fight of pathogens and more unlikely that to fall ill in the long run.

Another issue between these two kinds of medicine that comes under fire is that Modern Western medicine is backed by solid scientific research, whereas there is insufficient scientific research that can support the use of Traditional Chinese medicine. I am definitely not reasoning contrary to the strong evidence that modern western medicine has from research, but western medicine is mentioned as ‘modern’ simply because it revolutionized about 200 years ago, whereas Traditional Chinese medicine has a history greater than 2000 years. The long history of Traditional Chinese medicine indicates that since its primitive beginning, it has been tested on many other humans, been put through the test of natural selection, and still has were able to change and survive to this very day. This surely has to be a proof for its efficacy.

Despite all the research and history behind both these fields of medicine, they too have their share of failures. Modern Western medicine’s research is based on clinical studies that need a certain statistical percentage of successfully treated cases before it can be used. However, there are those opposed to this of the percentage — the unsuccessfully treated ones. Likewise Traditional Chinese Medicine history has been sprinkled with not successful treatments that resulted in fatalities. However without these failures, both kinds of medicine would not have been able to progress to where they both stand today.

Therefore, it cannot be simply concluded which field of medicine is better. Both Traditional Chinese medicine and Modern Western medicine have vary type of treatment principles and methods, results and failures. As long as they both continue to benefit mankind, I believe we should acknowledge that both Traditional Chinese medicine and Modern Western medicine have a place in our society, and our society can do with both.

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