Jobs For Writers – Easy Money in Marketing


This article will deal with the question of available jobs for writers in the advertisement niche and how one can establish an entrepreneurial business by combining writing and marketing skills.

Jobs for writers – easy money in marketing [part I] – What it entails

The Internet presents an ever growing number of opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneur. The growing amount of information-type products as well as the average “information-hungry” Internet user, present ample opportunities for those who are able to write, promote and sell.

As an aspiring or professional writer you are already ahead of your competition. Many Internet marketers are not able, or more directly speaking, not willing to sit down and dedicate their time to a professionally written article, sales copy or newsletter. Individuals who are willing to write, who are in love with the pursuit of writing and who would like to share their knowledge and experience are a rare occurrence.

You can establish yourself as a professional writer, crafting instructional-type, “how-to” guides or articles and there are many who would love to pay you for it. There are quite a few jobs for writers available online, but might also consider working for himself and writing those articles and “how-to” guides in order to promote a product or service, thus generating passive, longterm income.

Jobs for writers – easy money in marketing [part II] – Offering your services online

As stated above, you can make a killing by offering your services online. There are many freelance sites across all corners of the Internet, presenting writers with money-making opportunities. The author of this article can personally vouch for “oDesk”, a great freelance resource, where you will be able to sell your skills for an hourly wage or complete work on a “pay-per-submission” basis.

But oDesk is not the only place reddit essay writing service generating jobs for writers. If you, dear reader, would like to start your career in writing marketing-type content for somebody else then I advice you to take a look at the various affiliate forums available online. There, a talented writer will be able to gross in by offering such services as article writing, copy-writing or content writing. You can use Google’s “forum search” function (available under “web”->”show options”->Forums) to scout for potential work.

Jobs for writers – easy money in marketing [part III] – Generating passive income

Last but not least, if the prospect of a passive income sound good to you then consider writing articles and advertising different goods and serves yourself. Article marketing is a completely free and very efficient marketing technique available to anybody with a knack for writing. Writing attractively.

Article marketing takes advantage of the fact that most people, when browsing online, are looking for information. As an article marketer, you will be writing instruction-style guides providing a solution to a common problem. You make money by inserting relevant product links into your article and referring people to the merchant. Just research “article marketing” on Google to get the general hang of it.


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