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Make Money From Blogs – As Easy As One, Two, Three

Setting up a blog has become almost as easy as signing up for a new e-mail account. You do not need to purchase your own domain name, know anything about HTML, or even how to spell things correctly. There are now a plethora of companies (WordPress, MySpace, Blogger, Technocrati to name a few) that allow you to start a blog, upload pictures, and even come with a basic spell checker. Getting started is as easy as one, two, three.

Making money from blogs however, can be a bit more complicated. While getting started is easy, writing quality entries that find an audience, and then having that niche audience respond to the ads placed on your blog can end up being a slightly more daunting task.

First step: in order to make money from blogs, you need to be writing about a subject manner that other people find interesting and then find those people. Thankfully, the overall interconnectedness of the wired world, allows people with even paper writing service reddit the most obscure interests to find one another through online groups and social network. So feel free to blog away about your hairball collection, just be sure to look around for groups dedicated to your passion for hairballs and inform them of your new blog replete with pictures of your cat’s latest creations.

Second Step: After you find a subject and a potential audience, the second step to making money from your blog is to write often and well. It is important to keep your site updated at least once a week or you will end up finding yourself in the notorious search engine sandbox. It is also important to interact with your audience. Respond to comments and allow trackbacks to noteworthy sites.

Step Three: Now that you have an audience and a ongoing blog, it is time to monetize your blog through advertising. While some people might find adding ads a bit unsavory, others see it as a service to their own particular niche market. Text link advertisers have the ability to place ads on your sites that are targeted to your audience (such as a gel to help your cat produce hairballs more effectively). There are even ways for you as a writer to steer audiences towards products that you recommended to revenue sharing placement.


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