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Manual Lymphatic Drainage – How it can benefit You

There are many kinds of alternative therapies and treatments. Examples of the popular ones are acupuncture and acupressure, aromatherapy, Reiki therapy, shiatsu and even crystal therapy. Another example is the manual lymphatic drainage or MLD. This type of alternative therapy is based on the idea that healing and treatment can be done with the restoration of the body’s natural lymphatic state. It is actually a massage system that focuses on the lymph nodes and vessels of the body. To know whether the manual lymphatic drainage is for you, then know about these useful facts…Drainage Services London | Environ Drainage Services

The Origins of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This alternative means of treatment can be traced back to the 1930’s. At that time, it was unacceptable to tamper with the human lymphatic system. It 渠務公司.  was first used by two Danish doctors – Emil and Estrid Vodder – to treat immune system disorders and chronic sinusitis. They introduced it to France in 1936. Nowadays, the MLD is widely used in different parts of the world.

How does It Work?

When you go to a clinic specializing in manual lymphatic drainage, you will be assessed by a specialist. Your health and general condition will be checked and then you will be given recommendations about the MLD sessions that suit you. A MLD session usually lasts from 1 or 1. 5 hours. A practitioner will give you a rhythmic and light massage with gentle and specialized pumping techniques. The movement generally aims to follow the direction of your body’s lymph flow thus stimulating the lymphatic vessels. It is important to understand that these vessels play a major role in delivering your body’s needed nutrients and antibodies. It is also active in releasing toxins and waste particles form your body. The stimulation of the lymph vessels is essential in removing the blockages within. This action can boost the immune system and can also help treat certain ailments like headaches, allergies, infections and even low energy levels.

What can the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Bring you?

Now that you have a general idea of what a manual lymphatic drainage massage can do, let us now focus on what it can do for your everyday health and general condition. First of all, MLD is actually a remedial treatment. This means that it is an accepted kind of remedy for some ailments. It is proven to be very effective in removing sinus congestion, edema, abdominal bloating, rheumatoid arthritis and even migraines. It can also help in the treating sprains, torn ligaments and fractures as it promotes tissue healing. Some even claim that MLD can treat acne, scars, wounds and burns and even unsightly stretch marks. Second, it is also a preventive form of therapy as it helps boost the body’s immune system thus preventing you from easily contacting various diseases. It can also help normalize the circulatory system. Aside from its remedial and preventive properties, the manual lymphatic drainage massage is also widely used to relieve people from stress and tension so it can be part of a healthy and relaxing habit.

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