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Marilyn Monroe Quotes

Marilyn Monroe Quotes: Sexy and Catching Everyday Phrases
Born Norma Jean Baker, Marilyn Monroe rose from being a nobody to the next sexy bombshell in Tinseltown. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and the next thing we knew, she was already dead after an overdose with barbiturates. Nevertheless, she has left us a lot of beautiful and catching phrases and quotes that we can definitely use every day.

Where to Use the Marilyn Monroe Quotes
The Marilyn Monroe quotes can be considered sexy and sultry, just like their source. However, it does not mean you can only use them during sexier times. A lot of them are actually fitting for everyday use. If you do not know where to utilize the Marilyn Monroe quotes, here are few suggestions:

1. You can definitely add them to speeches. Lifted quotes from legendary, controversial, and inspiring people are worth adding to speeches. After all, they add spice and enhance your point. You can include Marilyn Monroe quotes in talks roofers monroe la about women empowerment. As you know, the blonde woman was a great pride of the female generations, having demonstrated that one can be very sexy yet strong all at the same time.

2. You can improve your writing with them. Are you developing a very good copy? Do you want to attract more attention to your readers? Why don’t you include great and famous quotes, such as the Marilyn Monroe quotes? You do not have to always stick with what is sexy or seductive. The quotes or phrases will be more than enough to capture the attention of your readers and keep them to read the entire article.

3. Stress a good point with them. Sometimes you have to go for more than just plain talk or explanation. When you are lacking the right or the sufficient experience to justify or amplify a point, you can utilize some of the Marilyn Monroe quotes. There are several of them that talk about dignity, respect, and priorities in life. Thus, the next time you feel like a colleague is dishing out on you or trying to pull you down, make sure that you are armed with the Marilyn Monroe stance and quotation.

4. Show just how good you are with words. Are you ready to impress anyone? Would you like to show them just how knowledgeable you are with regards to movies? Some memorable Marilyn Monroe quotes can help you with that. If you are definitely planning to leave them in great awe, you can already start looking for famous quotes in her well-known movies such as The Seven-year Itch, Some Like It Hot, There’s No Business Like Show Business, and Something’s Got to Give, to name a few.

5. Use them as widgets and social networking comments. If you cannot express what you are feeling, then you can just say it through Marilyn Monroe quotes. There are some widget and comment makers that can help transform these famous comments into great additions to your social networking profiles. You can also share them with friends who belong to your network.


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