Networking With Peers and Teachers in Online Courses

What is it to learn in an online environment? Is it much different than the traditional classroom? The world of education has evolved much in the past decade, and many are choosing to study online to obtain either their high school diploma or college degree. Many of the classes available involve networking with others, so he or she has to learn to adapt to this process. One will discuss this further on how to go about this successfully.

Almost every class that is available on the Internet requires some form of socializing with their peers and teacher. This is usually done through a discussion board, especially if it is done the platform called Blackboard. The educators almost always make this a requirement as a part of the student’s grade too; although, this is not always the case.

Another means of making this possible is through using Yahoo Groups. The instructor would set up a group for a specific course, and ask questions throughout it in order to get others involved. One may note that this is not much different than using Blackboard or something similar to it. After all, no one enjoys the feeling of getting left out of anything, especially with the goal of obtaining a dream job through completing one’s education. This also helps with social a course in miracles skills too.

The last area in which networking does take place is through email and text messaging. Not every teacher will email their students; however, the individual seeking to learn more is likely to do so because of asking questions in order to better understand the world around them. Sometimes professors hold their student’s accountable by using this method or allow extensions. This has the same concept with what was mentioned previously.

With the text messaging aspect of it, this is under the discretion of the educator on whether or not to provide this information. Many will set boundaries in order to not get harassed much from their students, especially when they are resting or having a night out. Regardless, this is possible, and it can get done effectively depending on the maturity level of the individual who receives their instructor’s personal phone number to contact.


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