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Online Crash and Burn Marketing Vs The Slow and Steady Approach

The purpose of this article is to explore two very different approaches to online business. The first style I will deem slot machine marketing or crash and burn marketing. This style uses launches and fast money coming in to fuel it’s growth. The sad thing is that these types of business rarely last. The interest usually fizzles out and without new money coming in, they simply can’t continue.

There are serious effects to handing out crash and burn สล็อตออนไลน์ businesses to your friends and or list. If you spend anytime around list building you will realize that you will need to provide something in the way of value to your subscriber list to build it. You might be handing out an eBook or continually providing your list with insight and knowledge. The very fact that someone is joining your list is a vote of confidence in your ability to give them value.

Crash and burn businesses abuse your list or following. You are handing them a failed business model. If you have any intelligence about these quick launch, slot machine marketing programs, you will know that they won’t last. You will know that these programs are not designed for long term growth. They are not designed to bring value.

That is what the flip side of the above business model is all about. Real businesses give value. The person that joined your list or following was looking for value when they first joined you. If you turn around and abuse them with faulty programs why wouldn’t your following be saying goodbye or see you later. I’ll cancel my subscription thank you very much.

What some marketers might fail to realize is that when your following trusts you, they are more apt to be responsive and repeat customers. So why does the hit and run marketing continue to flourish? Well, there must be a large population that is confused about how to acquire businesses with real value and how to market for that matter.

I realize the online world is relatively new to the world of business. However, I can tell you with my humble experience that things associated with traffic generation are products that don’t go out of style and do in fact provide value. I understand that there are lots of different online traffic tools out there and they do need to be evaluated. Yet, if you are a new marketer, this is a good field to start in. After you build your experience here, you may then find a truly good business that you would like to market that is not traffic related tools.

In summary, I would say to study the business model you are thinking about marketing or creating. Does it provide long term business value? Is it something that will encourage the growth and responsiveness of your list or following? If you can answer yes to the above questions then you are on your way to establishing a stable, reliable business that encourages business relationships.


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