Outdoor Wicker Furniture – A Great Choice

Outdoor wicker furniture has been a long time favorite. There are several reasons why this type of furniture has held its place for so long as a preferred outdoor choice for furniture.

Wicker is either natural or synthetic. The natural version can be made from cane material or thin branches, even reeds have been known to be made into wicker. Traditionally natural wicker is made from the Willow. The material is processed and woven usually into a pattern. Synthetic wicker is usually plastic that is woven into a traditional wicker pattern. Wicker is more of the art of weaving material than it is a substance.

Benefits of Wicker Furniture

This type of furniture is durable when it is well made. It can withstand the elements and is generally maintenance free. It is usually available in an array of styles which makes it a great choice for mixing and matching pieces. It looks great even after years of use. It becomes weathered over time which makes it appear more appealing. As it becomes weathered it has a very distinguished finish to it. It can be easily painted if the natural look is not for you. It is comfortable and very sturdy.

Down Side of Wicker Furniture

If it is not well made it can unravel in certain sections and pieces can Wicker Deck Furniture break off. There is a treatment process that is very important in creating this type of furniture if it is not followed during manufacturing and the wicker is not given enough time to cure, or if the process is rushed the furniture will suffer and be of a lesser quality. It can become dry and brittle over time if it was not processed correctly during the manufacturing of it.


There are many styles and patterns to choose from. The natural wicker will be more expensive than the synthetic wicker, but the synthetic wicker will probably last longer than the natural.

There are couches, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, foot stools, benches and a host of other items that can be made from wicker. Each item can be purchased individually or it can be purchased as a set. Usually there are removable cushions on the furniture that are easily changed out to add a different style to your set each season. The style flexibility is unlimited. Wicker outdoor furniture is stylish, always in vogue and a great way to decorate your deck or patio. It is usually reasonably priced and can come in many styles and can be built for many functions.

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