Time Management by John Maxwell

John Maxwell in his latest blog post reveals an amazingly interesting perspective on this subject. It is so worth reading and using Maxwell’s principles in your life. Take a moment to think John’s thoughts on time management over. The best you can do is to try and take advantage of the wise teaching John Maxwell makes available for you.

What is really time management? Well, the rule of good time management is to get more done in less time. This is the golden principle of time management.

The obvious truth is you can neither speed up nor slow down how quickly the day passes. And the proper and well-organized time management teaches you that though you have no control over the flow of time, you can become smarter about how you spend the hours in each day.

John Maxwell emphasizes the fact that before you can learn to manage time more effectively, what you must do is to adopt a realistic perspective of it. And this is what Maxwell is really good at and wants you to possess this kind of time management skills as well.

I suppose you have heard this before that time is more valuable than money, because time is irreplaceable. This is so true, isn’t it? What do we tend to do then? You see TMW Maxwell, we exchange our time for dollars when we go to work and then trade our dollars for everything we purchase and accumulate. In essence, all we possess can be traced back to a payment of time. Good idea, John!

John Maxwell compares time with finances. And this seems to be a great comparison. Look, when you decide to keep your time management at a poor level, all you achieve is going into debt by establishing bad habits. The same with money. If you poorly manage your finances, you may be caught in a huge debt, right? Later, you not only must make up for wasted time, but you also must pay interest which is spending extra to repair the damage of your negative patterns of behavior.

You know, I tell you what is really helpful in good time management
It is good to realize that lost time is never found again. You can’t turn back the time. When you understand it well enough, you will start to appreciate given time more and more.

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