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Tips For Finding An Affordable Apartment In Japan

The cost of renting an apartment in Tokyo ranks among the top 10 in the world. This fact can prevent you from finding a home if you intend to move to Tokyo shortly. But do not worry. In this article, we provide you with some advice on how to locate affordable housing. When you mention affordable housing in Japan, Hokkaido rental mansion comes to mind for many Japanese. It typically indicates a recent unnatural death or another occurrence on the property. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to reduce your rent without moving into one of these.

Establish a positive rapport with the real estate agent:

Finding a cheap apartment using the suggestions is probably best done with the aid of a real estate professional. You could assume that a professional real estate agent will assist you in finding a mansion like a Hokkaido rental mansion that suits your tastes. However, the agent will be less motivated to help you if you can’t establish a rapport based on trust. Being late for appointments, failing to respond to phone calls or emails, or not being truthful about your identification are all things that could harm that relationship.

Avoid moving during peak seasons:

Since most people in Japan begin attending new schools or beginning new employment in April, January to March is the busiest time for relocating and renting out properties. Autumn (September to October) is a busy time for inter-company transfers at many Japanese businesses, which drives up the cost of renting out real estate. Thus, the off-season, which runs from April to August, is an excellent time to buy a house because prices are lower.

Search for a property with certain conditions:

High-demand properties are generally new, outfitted with amenities, and have still-immaculate interiors. They can also be properties with vast rooms or properties placed on the top floor of the building. Naturally, the rent on these kinds of properties will be greater. However, when a type of property is less in demand, the landlord typically rents at a reduced rate to swiftly find a renter.

Locate a location far from a train station:

Finding a home far from a railway station is another strategy to reduce your rent if you don’t want to compromise on the room conditions, especially if you don’t mind walking significant distances. Many Japanese are picky about the distance from their residence to the closest train station, especially those who commute through large cities. It means farther away from a station—at least 15 minutes—are often less expensive.








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