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Ways to Casually Leave a girl Wanting More

How can you leave a girl you just met wanting more? Leaving her wanting more is a classic tactic of attraction. Leave a girl you just met at a party with a bd call girls service in dhaka chittagong  comment that will leave her thinking about you while you are away, flirting with other girls. A well done comment to a girl at a checkout stand that will have her remember you well next time you are in. Even a parting shot a woman whose number you just got, so that she will look forward to your call later.

If you have been cool and confident, as i hope I hope you have been. The girl may not know if you are really interested in her. One tactic is to tell her so as you leave. Don’t come off like a stalker, but a final comment of, ” I really enjoy the little time I spent with you, I can’t wait to see you again, you seem really special” will work great. The important part is to say it in parting and never wait for a reply. Confidence. Always confidence.

If you have already let her know you are a “little bit” interested in her attention one way to leave a girl wanting more is to plan a date. No not a specific one. Casually mention that you are going to be someplace at a certain time and a certain place. Say you would love it if she can make it there and that you would love to see her. You are not asking her out, but you seem confident and are giving off the right amount of “interested but not desperate”.

These items were just a taste. Two of many ways that you can attract women and significantly improve your “game”. For more ways to casually leave a girl wanting more or more general ways to attract women check out: “Attraction Mastery.

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