Ways to Prevent Jeans From Fading in the Wash

Everyone wears jeans.This is because of the simplicity and confidence that come from wearing them. They can be considered as unavoidable items in the wardrobe. But they are expensive and should be properly cared for in order to prolong their lives. Jeans fade easily every time they are washed. This is one of the problems we face with our pairs of jeans. This problem, however, can be solved if you apply necessary measures when washing your jeans. This article provides tips on how to prevent jeans from fading in the All you need to know about Techwear wash.

Wash in cold water and add salt to it

Hot water shrinks fabric and dissolves the color of jeans. Therefore, it is best to wash your jeans with cold water and add some quantity of salt to it. Fill your machine with cold water and keep the temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. Then, add some quantity of salt to the water. This will help to set the dye and prevent fading.

Don’t use bleach

The most common way to fade your jeans is through the use of bleach. Bleach is mostly used for fading purposes and contains strong chemicals that cause discoloration and fading. You should never use bleach to wash your jeans, as this would cause uneven blotches or totally change the color of your jeans to white.

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