Why Should I Replace My Old Cloth Insulated Electrical Cables?

Staying in an old home in Atlanta is indeed a pleasure, but inhabitants of these old abodes have to take adequate measures and let good Atlanta electricians perform electrical upgrades to make their homes safe.

If you are staying in a home in Atlanta that was built before 1950, you should be quick to observe a different kind of electrical wiring being used in your home. It isn’t uncommon to find cloth insulated electrical cables in the home that are often damaged and reveal naked copper wires inside.

Cloth insulated electrical wires were used for designing the first home wiring systems

Using varnished cloth for insulating the electric cables was a practice that was followed by electricians about 5-6 decades ago, a time when rubber and plastic for insulation was unheard of, since cloth is a poor conductor of electricity it was used to cover the naked wires to prevent electric shocks and fires.

These cloth-insulated cables were secured to the building frame or running boards with the help of staples. When the conductors had to pass through a wall, electrical contractors in Atlanta at that time insulated them using a cloth tape. Underground conductors in old homes were usually insulated using a cloth wrapping that was soaked in pitch.

These insulated cables were then placed in wooden troughs before they were buried inside the ground. Cloth insulated wiring was later stopped because it presented the danger of electrocution and had high installation costs due to the extensive manual labor which was needed to carry out these jobs. electrical gland 

Reasons to replace these old cloth insulated cables:

Over time, cloth insulation becomes brittle and leaves the wire it is protecting vulnerable to damage. Cloth is an organic substance that deteriorates due to harsh weather and other conditions. Cloth used for protecting the cables fall off these cables and leave them bare. Naked wires can cause shocks if anyone accidentally touches these wires and can even start a fire if two wires become too close. Have a reliable Atlanta electrical contractor replace them to protect your family members and pets from electric shocks.
These types of cables are generally ungrounded and will not be able to carry the excess electrical current during a voltage surge. A damaged cloth insulated cable could increase the chances of an electric fire, burns, and electrocution in your home.
Ungrounded cloth wrapped cables could store small amounts of electric charge that can cause damage to your expensive electronic gadgets. Therefore, replacing old wiring with grounded cables could help increase the life of your electronic appliances.


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